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IOS developer ( Develop a simple App to replace a paper form )

General information for the business: we do mobile device repairs Kind of development: New program from scratch Description of every module: place to log device, details and checklist for pre and post repair also the option for customer to sign to confirm authorise to repair and confirm repair at the end. Each time customer signs the date should be automatically recorded as well. and also a placed to type there name as well. Description of requirements/functionality: will be happy to fully discuss Specific technologies required: must be for iOS 10 and above for all iOS devices Extra notes: General information for the business: Mobile Device repairs Kind of development: New program from scratch Description of every module: I need to have a simple app that will allow me to quickly complete a checklist produce a summary of the information and then allow a customer to sign to authorise the hardware repair and then to sign again to confirm they have the device back. I need to be able to have very quick way of filling in the form with just to "tap to check" option and I will be happy to discuss in detail what I'm looking for. Description of requirements/functionality: This will be a repair booking form. Specific technologies required: needs to be for IOS and future proof so can be used on all iOS devices from iOS 10 onwards Extra notes:

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Assembler, Java, .NET,
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