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Editing 360 Pictures & Video: Privacy/ Pixelation on a fixed point & Tagging

General information for the business: 360 Marketing Videos that need to have sections pix-elated or marked up / tagged Description of requirements/functionality: I have a number of 360 pictures & videos that ideally need to have sections pixelated and other sections tagged. Stage 1 - To implement this to 360 Pictures Stage 2 - To implement this to 360 videos Short terms, happy to out source work completely. Mid - Long term help build the solution so an in house team can manage the tasks for all new media. Ideally I would like to engage either a) Someone that has software and skills that they can do this on a regular basis OR b) A company that can develop software with me to enable an in house team to manage the ongoing tasks To confirm objects that will require pixelation would be fixed, such as a parked car number plate. There would be no moving objects that require pixelation. Specific technologies required: 360 Video Editing Extra notes: I have not included a budget as this probably would be broken down into a number of Statements of Works. Further budget discussion can be had during any interviews and proposals. I look forward to hearing from you. Please answer the few questions please, and feel free to ask as many questions as necessary. Thank you

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Assembler, Pascal, Lisp,
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