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General information for the business: Software,SMS Kind of development: Customization of existing program Description of requirements/functionality: I have developed a BULK SMS gateway(already live and i can give u the source code if i finalize with u) using laravel 4.2, mysql. now Only incoming and outgoing api used to manage sms route. my sms route is little bit different and complex for our country mobile network. But we successfully implements the business (Here MNO support on net for Masking/alphasender SMS. To ensure all operator Masking SMS i need to collect API/SMPP from several MNO, and need to implement all operators api/smpp. another issue is their one account support only 10MASk/or sender, so need lot of account. In our sms gateway we implement also distributor/reseller/enduser system. when sms send then need to check availability of credit balance of the owner and it's parent ). One major issue exists, which is SMS sending rate or TPS or transfer per second. It should be 1000TPS. That is why need to modify schedule sms sender script using multi tasking. There is another challenge to deduct balance and should do it in memory time. Now SMS send only api but also config for SMPP, need to implement SMPP for send sms. SMS now received from web panel and API, now also need SMPP to receive SMS. Now 3 challenges need to solve . 1 in sending: Need to increase SMS sending rate also ensure deduct the balance. and also check dlr status and update. 2. in receiving: Ensure non blocking SMS API/smpp to receive sms and need to ensure minimum 1000TPS in receiving SMS using HTTP API and SMPP i think for this need to use mongodb and non blocking programming language like nodejs 3. Update the existing web application.Real time balance update and show. Need integrate payment gateway. 4. Task/job should be independent and should be non blocking, example: if large volume sms is sending , at the same time SMS schedule insert from web or api or smpp not be busy... Alternative: If you can provide full solution then source code should be also delivered to me, and i will appreciate if OS independent solution Total time 45 days If u ready to convert full database to Mongodb, and web apps to nodejs then welcome.. If any ready better solution available then also acceptable Need full source code, copyright for me, installation/setup guide, backup and restore guide mandatory. Also need solution if SMS balance transaction reach to 10 million rows, then advance solution to avoid slow query. OS requirements: Windows, Mac OS, Linux Extra notes: Need OS independent Solution JAVA/.Net/NodeJS/Php/MEAN/Meteor/Mysql/Mongodb etc Full Source code

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