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Conference call web application

General information for the business: Building a video and audio conferencing web application Kind of development: New program from scratch Description of requirements/functionality: Goal: To build a conferencing web application which supports both video and audio conferencing. Application Aims: 1. The conference initiator registers with the application – Users register with the application using their email address. The initiator could invite other registered users to join the call. 2. To carry out a conference, the conference initiator sends a link to the recipient (This recipient is not registered with the application and is a one-off user) of the call. The recipient clicks the link and is automatically invited into a conference call (video or audio). 3. Additionally, registered users could also call one another over the application’s web interface and engage in a video or audio call. Additional requirements: 1. Ability to view the location of other registered users in a call. For unregistered users who receive a link to join a call, the call initiator should be able to view the location of the individual. 2. Ability to record and save the call. Descriptions: 1. Simple form to register (register via email, telephone number, username, password) with a server that handles calls, registration and connections to other peers. Including login and logout. 2. Generate a link to send to random user as a registered user 3. Random user should be able to click the URL and enter into a chat room with other people on the call. Server should be able to generate a new client with limited privileges. 4. Call initiator should be able to record a call on the web application. 5. Users should be able to view each other on screen and also send IMs which will be viewable. Specific technologies required: Preferable Java Extra notes: We will need to discuss the selected architecture for this application

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