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URGENT!!! Delivery of a National e-ID System

General information for the business: We are a small IT consultancy Kind of development: New program from scratch Description of every module: I am working on submitting a bid to deliver a National e-ID system. The scope of which I detail below: I would be grateful if you/your company could: - provide brief details of how you/your company can meet the high level requirements provided. - provide examples of where you/your company has delivered this work You will also be expected to provide costings of each component required for delivery and labour. I am working to extremely tight deadlines so will need you/your company to urgently provide these details. You will need to sign a non-disclosure document. Description of requirements/functionality: Scope of Project i. Collecting both alphanumeric and biometric data, and assign unique national identification number (NIN) and a card to each citizen and resident thereby creating a clean population database that ensures that each person has only one trusted identity ii. Issue a smart card for each unique ID designed to incorporate the combination of biometrics and cryptographic functions, as well as smart card technology produced in a secure production facility iii. Develop a protocol for securely sharing collected data with authorized agencies and accredited organizations/ institutions and provide for the addition of new records, renewal of expired cards and replacement of damaged, lost and stolen cards; iv. Develop the means to record/update births, deaths, and such auxiliary variable information such as addresses etc. via network current infrastructure v. Perform Biometric Enrolment for all citizens and residents having ages above 5 years, for a population coverage of approximately 4 million people plus the ability to scale up on demand; vi. Provide the required data centre hardware and software to host and protect the solution vii. Provide the required production centre hardware software required to process and print ID cards viii. Provide the required enrolment stations hardware and software to capture and verify civil and biometric data ix. Provide technical support and training. Extra notes: 1. Proof of certification/authorization from manufacturer(s) to implement and support the systems being proposed. 2. Reference letters from three (3) clients showing proof of implementation of a National e-ID Card Solution of similar size.

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