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General information for the business: Education Kind of development: Customization of existing program Description of every module: Project in Dspace. I need a repository over Dspace 6.0 either in jsp override or in Xml. I attach a prototype of how it should look Description of requirements/functionality: The development of this prototype could be done in DSpace 6.0 either in jsp override or a new XML theme according to the following requirements: 1-Header 2- Horizontal menu with drop-down categories (Nav Bar) 3- section of "news" where it shows one of them at a time, with a horizontal scrolling system to access the rest of news 4- Section of "last publications" or "recently added" which are displayed 3 simultaneously, in vertical columns. In addition, there must be the option to see more using a carroussel. In each publication, you should visualize the image, the title, the date in which it was published and it's description. This section should load the last 9 publications made on the site 5- Section of "Communities" should autocomplete with existing communities on the site, in 2 columns with community icon, name and a short description. 6- Footer with institutional data The way the main page looks, (fonts, colors) should be applied on all pages of DSpace Extra notes: Project in Dspace. I need to repository Dspace 6.0 either in jsp override or in Xml. I attach a prototype of how it should look

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Lisp, VB, C#,
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