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Develop a "Tinder" Like mobile responsive site

General information for the business: Member Site with related affiliate sales links Kind of development: New program from scratch Description of requirements/functionality: Tinder Like Project Description This project is a mobile responsive site similar to Tinder, or Hot or Not. Logged in members can vote on images in the pile. A “Top 5” list of images of all votes from logged in members are displayed in a separate list, along with the image names and total vote counts, for all members, and, site visitors, to view. The Tinder like pics, and the Top 5 pics, are visible to a viewer who lands on the page, but voting will not be logged when they swipe an image. How it Works When a visitor lands on the image page they are prompted to log in, or create an account using their existing social accounts, or email/password account creation. If they choose to ignore the prompt, they can view and swipe images but no votes are tallied. When logged in, the user votes by swiping right, like “Tinder”, for images they like. A swipe right adds a vote to that image’s vote total and another random image replaces it. A swipe left changes to the next random image. The images with the five highest vote counts are the “Top 5” and are shown on a page below the main swipe images. The “Top 5” category is dynamic in that it uses the current vote count of all pile images to display the top 5 voted images in this list. User Account Page Each member has an account page where they add images from their personal files, view the personal image vote count, add descriptions of their images, chat with other members, and manage their account, change profile pics, passwords, etc... When the member uploads their image(s), they are added to the public pile. Member Sharing Members will also have the ability to share this site with others. They will get an additional vote for each new member who signs up from their efforts. If the referring member has more than one image, they can apply the earned vote to whichever image they choose. The member who adds the most new members, weekly, will get an additional 5 votes to use to add to their selected image. Management Dashboard The management dashboard will include chat creation and management, moderation, user control and password recovery, total number of members, images, active(logged in) members, relevant traffic statistics, etc. Revenue Model This site will have affiliate links to vendors that offer image related products. The links will be simple, clean and below the main Tinder like pile and the Top 5 list of images. The first vendor will be Amazon, but others will follow as they are discovered and contracted with. Extra notes:

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