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I manage a team of speakers and operate on the platform. I am looking for a hosted application that will accomplish the following things: 1. For all speakers to be able to quickly log on and off of multiple accounts. Presently, each speaker must call into the system and manually log on and off of each account. If a speaker has 3+ accounts, this is very time consuming. I would like all speakers to be able to log on and off of all of their accounts with one click. 2. To have a time stamp of how long each speaker was logged on. Currently, each speaker has a set schedule, however, this is an honor system which regularly is abused. I would like to know exactly how long each speaker was logged into their shift. 3. To allow each speaker to access the mail portion of Niteflirt’s website without having access to the other areas that have financially sensitive information. Currently, the speakers have no ability to respond to the mail that comes into the niteflirt platform as this would require giving them access to passwords and sensitive financial information. I would like a way for a speaker to have access to email some way so they can be in communication with callers who send emails on a daily basis. 4. The script needs to be in English for easy modification in the future, in php or html. 5. Must have a nice user interface. 6. There is something similar at, however, the administrator of this site is non responsive and may not be offering this any longer. There are some screen shots here which may give a good visual of what I am attempting to accomplish. Please let me know if you fully understand the scope of this project so I can be assured that we can have an easy back and forth communication. Thank you.

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