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We need a cloud based system to upload class content and enhance communication

General information for the business: we teach online, have a database of lesson plans, class content, students/clients development and teachers' agenda that must be integrated. Kind of development: New program from scratch Description of every module: We need a very simple, straight forward, drag and drop like and user-friendly interface. We are a language school working with business executives, in need of a system to upload class content and enhance communication with our clients. We will need 5 diferent UI: Client, Student, Teacher, Coordinator, Operational. We should also be able to develop a "library" of content and tasks developed by our teachers. Reports of student's performance must be able to be sent automatically after coordinator's review and approval. This program should also allow us to enhance our client's experience from their first contact with us. That means having an automated process of scheduling first interview, trial class, quotes, accepting terms of service and scheduling classes according to teachers availability. Description of requirements/functionality: The cloud based platform should cover/deliver: A) Profiles and UIs: 1. Client: - Report - Contract Start/End date - Pending hours 2. Student: - Materials - Report - Calendar - Schedule/cancel classes - Financial information for his/her contact - Consult spent and remaining hours - Content per class - Class schedul/content --> Contract start/end date - Class make-up management, consultantion of expired replacements + expiring make-up warning 3. Teacher (Student/class visualization): - Management/scheduling of classes per month - Fill out teacher fields on student report - Upload lesson plan / class content - Access Library --> Read/copy only - Delivered / pending content - Contract start / end date - Register student attendance 4. Coordinator - Revise / approve content (uploaded) - Create online evaluations - Schedule interviews - Access all agendas - Fill out school field on student report - Teacher Report - Worked hours - Agenda - Everything the teacher does (except fill out teacher fields on student report) 5. Library: - Content upload - Content per module management 6. Operational - Everything the coordinator and teacher (except report edition) - Financial (gyro .pdf upload) - Teacher Report - Student/class contract - Client contact warning (ex feedback, renewal, new clients/prospects) - Make-up classes deadline management 7. Automatic report - Consolidate and send automatic performance report to students after coordinator's "OK" B) Class UIs: 1. Student: - Download/access class content, material, activities, PW. 2. Teacher/coordinator - Upload class content, material, activities, PW. C) Upload Library - Visual and easy to use - More than a form - More than multiple choice - Video/audio upload (YouTube?) D) Report Consolidates: - Attendance - Performance - Teacher and school input - Remaining contract hours - Delivered content __________________________________________________________ New students automation - Client experience A) Interview/Grammar and vocab test/register for financial processing *Coordinator receives confirmation and validates profile* B) Proposal with "pre uploaded" contract where the client chooses options that make up the "terms of use". *Operational receives warning for billing* C) Directed to teacher availability where it is possible to schedule classes based on accepted proposal. *Coordinator receives new student warning and approves schedule* D) Receives automatic scheduling confirmation E) Classes start Extra notes:

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