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Additional PHP (SYMFONY) and minor javascript features needed

General information for the business: We are a B2B marketplace Kind of development: Customization of existing program Description of requirements/functionality: We have developed a dashboard for both suppliers and buyers of products. All the front end is finalised and all the HTML files are ready and provided. Our main developper has been developing the key features and functionalities. Because of family issues he is not available to work full time on the remaining ones. Or we need to have everything done in the next days. Therefore we are looking for someone sharp and fast learning to be able to take over the file and finalise the features missing. Below is a list of some of the features needed, but additional ones will be discussed. Most of them are small ones that need to be developed directly in PHP with sometimes a bit of javascript for the animation or front end transition: - integration of Stripe Marketplace (payment solution) and configuration (one debit from the buyer, multiple payments to different suppliers at the end of each month); - integration of a grid of delivery prices depending on different areas codes in the UK in the database; - at checkout, depending on the delivery requirements (e.g. deliveries to specific areas codes), ask the database for the corresponding additional delivery price to be displayed to the buyer; - ensure that tags on products are working and that tags can be used to search products from the search bar; - invoicing: prepare monthly summaries listing all the products ordered during the month, total paid for them and total paid for delivery and any relevant VAT if needed. - add the functionality on the suppliers' side in the invoicing section to upload the corresponding VAT invoices they issue (PDF); - at checkout, integrate a solution like DocuSign where suppliers when registering can upload their standard T&Cs and contracts that can be electronically signed by the buyer at checkout when buying some of their products; - ensure that notifications are properly working (on the dashboard, emails, sms) for both the suppliers and buyers; - integrate a moderation process after the registration where our team can validate each new account (to control the integrity of the buyer); - add a feature on the suppliers' dashboard where they can decide to apply our commission fee as a markup automatically on all their products' prices; - ensure that all the checkout functionalities are properly working (buyer can choose multiple delivery locations, days, specific requirements etc.); - integration of a credit check API that would run overnight on any new buyers (company registration number). then to have the reports available on the buyers' profiles and can be reviewed by the suppliers. - integration of Freshdesk and the live chat feature in the contact us section. - development of a small module where the buyer can list the products he is currently buying and the price currently paid, and the module would send requests to our database for comparable products, and come back with a price comparison (how much the buyer could save using our services?). the front end is ready. A full description of the points needed will be provided. We can organise a Skype call to walk through all of them. All the current files and a documentation of the development will also be provided. Specific technologies required: PHP, Javascript Extra notes:

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