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GUI to configure networking and ICS

General information for the business: WiderNet is a nonprofit organization that provides off-line digital libraries to people who lack access to the Internet Kind of development: New program from scratch Description of requirements/functionality: GUI to manage Windows network configurations: Since we deploy servers to hard-to-reach areas (like Africa and Papua New Guinea), we need a tool to configure networking and ICS easily. Most of the settings we require can be accomplished from a command line, but not so easily for a teacher with little of no network experience or training. Our servers come with up to 10 Ethernet ports and built-in Wi-Fi. Typically we configure these before shipping to the field, but occasionally the settings need to be adjusted in the field. We want a tool that allows the user to view their current configuration, load new settings from a file or edit their settings on screen, and then apply these settings before saving them to a file. Requirements: Windows 7/10 Written in Python Start/Stop ICS Configure ICS network IP (edit registry) Start/Stop DHCP service Configure DHCP range Reserve a range (first 20, for example, for internal and static IPs) Expose DHCP leases Scan server to identify Ethernet ports (may be up to 12, including one Wi-Fi adaptor) and assign them IPs from a reserved range Set up Wi-Fi network (SSID) Provide report on configuration on screen and to a file. (To send to technical support if needed.) Should identify which physical port has what address. Load and save configurations from/to txt files. OS requirements: Windows Extra notes: We can provide you with the commands and parameters we usually use to make these settings. I believe the only weird one is the ICS IP range, which is adjusted in the registry.

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