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Bash file to get full folder items path list (UPDATED)

General information for the business: Consulting company Description of requirements/functionality: We have a folder with many sub folders with one or many documents inside: Folder1 - doc F1-1.png -doc F1-2.doc - doc F1-3.jpg - doc F1-4.xls Folder2 - doc F2-1.doc -doc F2-2.jpg doc F2-3.doc The goal is to get the relative path of each file concatenated per folder. ***UPDATE From our last client's request : We need to separate image files from others files *** What we need is to get a csv file with the following data: Folder Title ; document_path; image path; Folder1;Folder1/doc F1-2.doc | Folder1/doc F1-4.doc ; Folder1/doc F1-1.png | Folder1/doc F1-3.jpg ; Folder2; Folder2/doc F2-1.doc | Folder2/doc F2-3.doc ; Folder2/doc F2-2.jpg ; OS requirements: Linux Extra notes: This job is Urgent, so we'll prioritize the best reactivity

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Git, C#,
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