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Thai massage is a massage that to some extent resembles passive yoga. The massage is performed full-bodied and without oil, while the massage works mainly on the stretching, flexion and relaxation of the body organs. Sometimes a Thai massage, on a treatment bed, may be a great complement to other massage techniques such as Swedish massage or deep tissue massage. Thai Massage - Benefits: Promotes blood circulation. Contributes to the flexibility of muscles and tendons. Works on areas of special sensitivity in the body called energy lines or meridians. Relieves muscle aches. Relaxes the body and consequently also on situations of mental stress.

Dry massage combines various techniques such as twina, shiatsu and Thai massage. Treatment includes stretching, deep compressions and motivating the patient's body. Massage is done without oil and full dress. It is recommended to wear loose and comfortable clothes.

Touch therapy combining kneading, stretching and pressing movements. Massage is done from head to toe. The treatment penetrates the deep muscles, helps relax the muscle and detoxifies, and improves the functioning of the internal systems and stability. The treatment is suitable for almost everyone, but remember that it is a deep and powerful treatment designed to detoxify and relieve tension. The treatment is strong and sometimes a bit painful, but the results are amazing. Even "deep" areas that are almost uninhabited receive special attention.

This combination combines a number of different Swedish massage techniques, deep, medical, and synaptic. This combined massage focuses on intense muscle work combined with an atmosphere of calm and serenity that the therapist soothes on the patient. The massage is done with oil but combines stretching and moving the joints and entering the muscles adapted to the patient's physical condition. Combined massage is a wonderful way to get rid of stress and daily stress, relax and combine pampering along with healing. Everyone can enjoy the wonderful massage experience.

A couple massage is a pleasant and special romantic experience which is a perfect choice for a special day of fun and a perfect couple gift. The double massage is performed when both partners receive massage in the same room from two professional and quality therapists at the same time. The whole enchanting atmosphere and romance in the air will undoubtedly create a wonderful day for you.

The treatment of reflexology is performed by the therapist touching the exposed feet of the patient lying on a treatment bed or on a mattress. Among the techniques used in this method are movements such as compressions, strokes, gentle massage and deep massage. As stated, reflexology is based on various maps of the foot. Reflexology is now considered one of the more common methods of complementary medicine.