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General information for the business: We provide technical resource solutions in the medical field Database management system (DBMS): Microsoft Access Description of requirements/functionality: Our database design needs to capture and analyze emerging and startup technologies in the broader sciences field. The database will be proprietary, used specifically 'in house' by our own external consultants for the filtering and identification of case specific technologies and not for public viewing.   We are seeking a developer to create a simple, effective online multi-user database based primarily on the existing pre-development, mock MS Access database. (attached) We developed this database to better understand our own needs, it is not and has never been used in a functional way. Please use this database to form your submission. We have included a small volume of test data to help with the overall understanding of what is required.   What we need: Define a database format / language Ideally needs to be manageable by the users (us) In a common, well known format, e.g. MS Access App, SQL, Caspio, MS Apps etc Please suggest your database format Outline the reasons / advantages relative to what we are trying to achieve Set up a multi-user online environment. Log user edits, date stamp submissions etc. Capture existing data from Excel spreadsheets Create import Queries from MS Excel spreadsheets (An example included) We understand that there are likely referential integrity issues that will be faced with the conversions. Conversion will involve splitting of multi-value fields into useful data (e.g.) researcher fields which contain Multiple names comma separated which will need to be split into First, Last name, etc. and associated with the primary record. Create forms for rapid data entry flow Create forms for easy visual understanding and data viewing of existing data Create search forms consisting of nested queries with ‘and/or’ options. Filtering on form tables An outline of the queries we would like to perform is below below Create reports for screen and print to convey the results of searches Ideally, educate us on how to create our own extraction reports Facilitate the hosting and move to an online based environment Direct us to cost effective but secure online hosting which we can ultimately manage ourselves The developer will have an ongoing support role for the database.   Search Queries In terms of searching, we want to be able to search by the following fields with ‘And/Or’ options so that we have the option to search multiple fields for the same word: This will involve full string searches for partial and full matches in multiple fields. Project title Project description Sector Indication/application Clinical stage IP status Keywords Contacts City Organisation type Sorting  We’d probably also want to be able to sort the results in the results table by each column. We would like to be able to search the results for alternative terms Reporting Results reports from queries Reports from base database (reports from filtered data) What we expect from your submission. Outline the database you recommend and the reasons for this format. A methodology you will use to liaise and create what we want. A rough estimate of the time it would take you to create the database as outlined A cost for the development What debugging support you will offer Where you are operating from How many members in your team (those with relevant skill sets) Examples of your database work References from clients Extra notes:

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