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General information for the business: DAP for QXchange Num. of modules: 1 Description of every module: Listing Tables Schema Data Extraction Data Loading Custom fields support Description of requirements/functionality: The objective of this engagement is to add data integration capabilities to Intacct from the standard product QXchange provided by CellarStone. QXchange has a number of sub-modules called Data Access Plug-ins (DAP) to connect to various data formats and applications. The DAP's include, QuickBooks, Excel, Dynamcis CRM, Sugar CRM, etc. The QXchange engine calls these sub-modules. The sub-modules have to respond to certain standardized calls from the engine. Each DAP understands the data format/API of the application or file format it is dealing with. The DAP gets a call from the engine, converts it to the appropriate tasks that affect the application/file format, executes it , gets results and passed it back in the correct format. This project should replicate that type functionality for the Intacct application. CellarStone will provide example DAP's to base the new DAP on. Specific technologies required: OS requirements: Windows Extra notes: Integration requirements: Requires import/export data into Intacct using their API/Web service Purpose or functionality of application: Provide a DLL for Intact application for QXchange application. Intacct DAP source code Intacct DAP complied DLL Demonstration of working Intacct DAP of all methods. Existing DAP module will be made available as an example. DAP template will be provided for development. .Net framework 4.0 Schedule 6/30/2017 Initial discussion 7/6/2017 Deliverables release 1 - Connection form design, Open connection, Close Connection, List tables and Schema, with DAP source code 7/10/2017 Reporting bugs to Developer for Deliverables 1, Release 1st payment 7/24/2017 Deliverables 2 - Extract data for the supported objects List 1, with DAP source code 7/31/2017 Reporting bugs to Developer for Deliverables 2, Release 2nd payment 8/9/2017 Deliverables 3 - Loading data for the supported objects, with DAP source code 8/11/2017 Reporting bugs to Developer for Deliverables 3, Release 3rd payment 8/15/2017 Deliverables 4 - Loading data for the supported objects, with DAP source code 8/18/2017 Reporting bugs to Developer for Deliverables 4, Release 4th payment 8/28/2017 Final deliverables release, DAP source code , Release final payment 8/29/2017 Sign off the project

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