Method level Classic VB component code to assembly component code conversion 3


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General information for the business: Commission solution providers Kind of development: Customization of existing program Num. of modules: 2 Description of every module: There is two module QCGeneral and QCExport. This was originally written in classic visual basic 6.0 and is available as a dll, along with the visual basic source code. Milestone 1. QCGeneral code has around 1,700 lines of code that does the encrypt, decrypt booster key, Convert Value from Locale to General/General to Locale functionality. Milestone 2. QCExport code has around 21,000 lines of code that does the Export functionality using Component one report tool with input of XML file. Most of the code reads value from the SQL server database tables, does the processing in a recordset and writes it back to the same or other database tables or export into excel or export through component one tool. There will be some level of error handling that is either stored in the text files or in the database tables. Description of requirements/functionality: The requirement is to convert the existing classic Visual basic component code to code. Method level conversion is good enough. The method/function should be doing exactly what the existing component does, in the component too. The performance is generally expected to be better once the code is ported over. However the performance is not a strict requirement since that can vary from method to method. Specific technologies required: Visual Basic, OS requirements: Windows Extra notes: The code will shared once the NDA is signed. Time duration for Milestone 1 - 1 week Time duration for Milestone 2 - 6 weeks Total time duration for both QCGeneral and QCExport dll (Milestone 1 & 2) 6 weeks.

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