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Hello, I am looking for experienced SEO to promote our website in Google UK to first 10 results for a single keyword . Attached is our website URL and keyword. If you are not absolutely sure you can boost ranking for the keyword in Google you should not bid on this job. With your bid, Describe in details, what will be your actions to promote our website to first 5 results. I am ready to work on monthly base, escrow funds each month release of the payment ONLY when we hit first 5 results in google UK. if deadline expires and you fail to boost the keyword to first 5 results job will be canceled and funds will be refunded back to us. After completing this step we can discuss about maintenance. I work only with professional SEO providers so if you know you will have any expenses while promoting our website include it into your bid. I will not pay any extra expenses outside of your bid. With your bid state the approx estimated time you need to boost the keyword to first 5 results. ATTACHED OUR URL AND KEYWORD.

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