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Industry: Entertainment Design details: Hi! On July 28th-30th, I'll be going to a pitch festival and will be pitching a script to producers. Just in case they are interested, I want to hand them the one sheet you create so that they can refer to it in the future. I will also send this to my agent so that he can use this for when he is also pitching. The one sheet is kind of like a mock movie poster with the title, an eye catching image, and a tagline. The one sheet will accompany this text about the movie either on the back of the image or on a separate page: An aging alcoholic stuntwoman finds unanticipated competition from an ingenue, a starlet in wolf's clothing. They both enter a stunt competition to prove they are the clear choice to do stunts, while an obsessed fan aids in the hijinx. BELLA (40s), plagued with a drinking problem, struggles to keep her career afloat as her TV series, Damsels with No Stress comes to an end. The lead actress of the series, ALEXA (30s), announces she no longer needs Bella as her stuntwoman and wants to do her own stunts. To keep steady work, Bella formulates a plan to debilitate Alexa with the help of KIM (20s), a super fan, against her Uncle’s approval who is a stunt legend. When all else fails, Bella signs up to compete in a high profile stunt competition alongside Alexa in hopes of reviving her career. At the competition, a heated battle ensues between Alexa and Bella which can make or break Bella’s career. Will Bella avenge her reputation as the greatest stuntwoman in Hollywood? Or will she fall short? *** Some ideas I tossed around were Bella and Kim performing an identical stunt or a kung fu move (jump kick in mid air) with the tagline "Seeing double." I want to communicate that Kim is Bella's equal, and they are very much a team. And as Kim is Bella's super fan, maybe they can wear the same outfit, playing on the idea of a stunt double. If what I'm asking for is far out of reach, let's work together to come up with an idea. Look forward to working with you. Target audience: Production Companies Messages to communicate through the design: Girl Power! Ideas for the visual style: Movie Poster Where the design will be used: Hard copy print for pitch festival Extra notes:

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