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General information for the website: File storage and Data backup Kind of development: Customization of existing website Num. of web pages/modules: 3 pages and intergration Description of requirements/features: Hi This is my website and its only about 3 months old. It needs next phase of improving with list below please. (Its too static I feel but some add-ons is all that is needed and a change of some banners and content updates) Its WordPress connecting to our CRM WHMCS backend support ticket and client registration. I have also just signed up to Gocardless for page sign up of our products mainly iPiper which is what our main product is and what I want to promote. 1) Improve the top banners of the home pages showing remote working of documents, secure uploading, easy folder creation, team link share and so on. If you look at the website below they have some good examples of how they show list items such as “contact sync” where we would need “Device Sync” “Team Share” and so on. Ideas we can come up with but like the concept below of how they have created their website and we need to have that type of format. I only want small improvements to our own website but tweaked to their example?;utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=Wordpress%2FWoocommerce_lookalike_EN_US%2FUK%2FCA&utm_term=Vie 2) Creation of landing pages for PPC. A web page is much different to a landing page? This company here could provide the templates needed or if you have your own supplier? 3) Marketing explain video and then some guidance of how to use iPiper? Ideas on animation and what can be done to show someone using ipiper and showing how their life can be liberated by accessing and working with all their files on the go from wifi café, train and so on? 4) Our package sign up (packages appear too big and need to be further up the page really and hence the whole landing pages need to be redesigned as too much information and images are on there! 5) Contact us, if you click on contact us on top of page you will see it goes to a poor page and bad capcha of the old way. It puts sales off if they have to type secure info but more important the contact us page needs to be like a landing page with nice banners and layout with some nice features? These are just my thoughts for now and let me know what you think? Extra services needed: Customization Similar urls:;utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=Wordpress%2FWoocommerce_lookalike_EN_US%2FUK%2FCA&utm_term=Vie Extra notes:

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