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Hello! The Category and Sub Category drop down menus are quite limited. An ECD is one of the highest positions in an advertising agency and the journey to it makes you an expert in ATL, BTL communication as well as developing strategies and dealing directly with clients. Basically, you have spent years selling ideas and words to others but when it comes to selling yourself through a document, you have a complete memory loss ... no Jason Bourne is an amateur here. You were the lazy one who would charm the clients with ideas and be so busy doing it that you did not keep a record. Fine, you were mildly creative and hence generously used your paperwork phobia permit and later with a management role you should have started wearing a pressed shirt but reason and you cannot be found on the same planet. Think of someone who sells entire campaigns on a switched off laptop screen and is fought over by clients but who has convinced himself that he can never make a resume. You are never going to be happy with things that you would do for yourself. It is a stage in your career where from designing research, analysing results, devising a strategy on your own or with the strategy/planning team, conceive the big idea/way forward for the brand/project, guide your creative directors, and add value in the presentation. You work on instinct and can come up with an integrated campaign over a cup of coffee. Basically, by now the clients both existing and new know about you and in all honesty, your role is to just give them confidence that their product is in good hands based on your long experience. You also judge competitions and speak to the upcoming talent at institutes. You set course for your organisation and work closely with your clients in preempting future challenges. I have put together a document just listing some of the things that I could remember from my fourteen years in advertising. Fortunately or unfortunately, I never needed a resume since in a small industry like ours, every one senior is known and paperwork is just a formality. Now as I embark on an independent career, I believe I need a solid document that impresses people outside of the marketing circle in government departments and development sector. Life in this role has been on automation and that is not terribly good for the mind. Regards.

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