Article writing: How to catch a cheater with phone spy tools


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Num. of articles: 1 Words per article: 1000 Information for the blog/website: We sell software: Spyzie Industry: Internet/Software Topic: catch a cheater Tone: Formal/Professional Outline & Structure: Introduction Part: Start the article with a question “If I found my spouse cheated on me, how to catch him/her?” Write it in a conversational style. Part 1: Introduce three traditional common methods of catching a cheater and list their pros and cons. Part 2: Recommend android monitoring tool: Spyzie and list its features, price, instruction steps and screenshots, give the corresponding internal link. Introduce how to catch a cheater with the Spyzie in the following aspects:sb can track calls on Android phones or iPhone; track text messages; browse contacts, track GPS location; view and download photos...... Keywords: catch a cheater, phone spy tools Extra notes: 1. Write the article according to the outline; 2. Please offer clear screenshots and images should be jpeg format; 3. Please write at least 1000 words; 4. Ensure the article is well-organized and don't write too much for the first and last paragraph. You need to write it in a natural way. 5. The keywords should appear in the article at least 3 times each. 6. Never plagiarize, I can check it.

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