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Kind of writing: Fiction Num. of words: 1500 Topic: web-superhero Tone: Other Extensive research needed: no Extra notes: Hi! Looking for a very creative writer who will create several stories (or one long one)about a web-superhero. Here is the concept (just a rough sketch); Each video will be split into 2 parts: - business tutorial - Ubermann adventures The business portion (the tutorial portion) will be written by us and the Ubermann story will be written by you :-) It would be great if you (the Ubermann story writer) could implement some humor, otherwise, we have planned to work with a humorist who would edit the script and inject few funny parts. You would need to create material (on a long term run) for about 7 hrs of animated video and we would split it into about 7-10min portions so you can create several plots (or just one long one f you prefer). What we would like to integrate is the by bringing of several business values or skills that Ubermann will have and thus transmit to the audience: - teamwork - self-confidence - audacity - persistence - structure (plan and strategy) - passion for what he does - overdeliver mindset - knowing your enemy - circle of influence - fake it till you make it - constant innovation - the importance of a lifeline - other values and skills great business people have :-) You will be free to insert as many villains or partners as you like. We would like to keep the assistant Angelina in the virtual world as well (as a superheroine with a similar name) that will also create some romantic attention between the 2 main characters. You are free to write in a 3rd person or with dialogues between the characters. For the first part of the assignment, we will only ask you to create the story (the initial presentation of the Ubermann) so we can create a pilot. About 10min animated video copy that needs to be nothing short of AWESOME, and very appealing-dramatic and will need to leave the audience hungry for more. This part will need to explain how Franck becomes/transforms into Ubermann and what his mission on the web is. You are welcome to suggest audio and any visual tools you like :-)

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