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Topic: Google sheet script writing Tone: Formal/Professional Extensive research needed: yes Extra notes: Issue 1: Performance of Row Updates We are using Google Sheet to track the status of different project tasks. These tasks exist as sheet rows and are assigned to different individuals on the project. In order to track changes to the task status we have protected the sheet from direct changes and implemented a html form that is selected using the menu. When it runs, the changes are validated, and then recorded on another "History" sheet. urlFetchApp is then invoked to run a Google script webapp to update the Original sheet. This was done to be allows users to update the protected sheet. We are noticing that urlFetchApp is taking over 4 seconds to complete. We are wondering if there are alternative designs to help improve the performance. Issue 2: Row Selection We need a way to select rows on Google Sheet that need to be update. I found that using radio buttons is not feasible because images are not tied to row cell (Inserting Image) or we cannot have a script that can run when the image is clicked (via IMAGE Function). Since multiple people can update the sheet at the same time, we have decided to used a dropdown cell data validation which allows the user to select their name in Column 1. A users will updates Column 1 all the desired rows with their names and then selects the Menu "Update" option. A query function will then run to identify rows belonging to session user and make the updates accordingly. We are wondering if there is a better way than selecting their names for rows and clicking Menu "Update".

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