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General information for the business: Private Description of requirements/functionality: INTRODUCTION: There is an existing typo generator attached to this job as a .html file, written in JavaScript. Please load this into your browser, you will the existing functionality by typing a few lines into the box at the top and click the Generate button. However the following functions have not been built yet and need to be added: FUNCTIONS TO BE ADDED: 1 - Insert 2 Letters (example > erdxample, edgxample) 2 - 2 Wrong Letter Keys (example > rdample, ghample) 3 - Single letter caps (example > Example, eXample, exAmple, etc) 4 - Caps Lock (example > EXAMPLE) 5 - Ending function to be converted from a single line into multi line. DESCRIPTION OF THE NEW FUNCTIONS: THE 2 X “CAPS” FUNCTIONS: Should be straightforward. THE 2 X LETTER FUNCTIONS: For both of the 2 letter functions, I need them to go all the way through as follows: aa, ab, ac, ad ... etc and then ba, bb, bc, bd ... etc going through like this, including all the letters and then all the numbers and then all of the following characters - = [ ] ; ' \ , . / ` THE ENDING FUNCTION: This currently works with a single ending to the output from the functions above. But I need this to be converted into a multi line text box. So if you enter the following into the “endings” box: 1234 2345 And you enter the word “example” into the generator, then you will get the whole of the previous output multiplied by 3 with the following endings: example example1234 example2345 DELIVERY OF THE WORK: I would like work in progress to be hosted on a web site anywhere so I can test it online. After this job is done successfully, it is quite possible that I will need more functions to be added, so there might be another job of a similar size to be done in addition. Thanks for looking at this job. Specific technologies required: javascript Extra notes:

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