Code of Conduct

StartAJob connects employers and employees everywhere, whether they live in the same community or work a world apart.

We’ve built in features to protect both employers and employees, but our service also relies on transparency, communication, and trust. Our code of conduct requires every user to:

  • Represent yourself and your work honestly
    Deliver good work that is truly yours. We strictly enforce rules against plagiarism and copyright infringement.
  • Respond to questions and concerns
    Promptly address any questions you receive about a job. Replying within 48 hours is a great guideline.
  • Keep communication professional
    Stay focused on sharing information, defining clear expectations, and solving problems. Recognize that language differences can occasionally contribute to misunderstandings.
  • Honor your agreements
    Deliver quality work that meets each job’s specifications. Pay the fees you agreed to once work is completed.
  • Release payments and refunds promptly
    Approve all escrow payments as soon as work is completed or as soon as you’ve agreed to refund.
  • Accept mediation when necessary
    StartAJob will help resolve any disputes.
  • Provide honest, constructive feedback
    Our community depends on reviews of both employees and employers. Use this feedback to make decisions about the people you hire and the jobs you accept.
  • Protect yourself
    Keep personal information—especially financial information—private and maintain basic online security practices.

Users who violate this code of conduct may find their accounts suspended or closed.

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