Fees and Charges

Posting and bidding

Posting and bidding on jobs is free for employers and employees alike. Employers pay small fees on completed jobs and hires.

Release payment

Once a service professional or freelance job is completed and payment approved, the employer pays a 4.5% fee based on the total payment.

Once an employer hires a permanent employee through StartAJob, the employer pays a 4.5 percent fee based on one month’s pre-tax salary or wages.

Boosting a job

Employers can pay an optional $10 fee to boost a job with help from our marketing experts. Learn more about boosting jobs here.

Pursuing arbitration

In the rare case when an employer-employee issue goes to arbitration, both parties place a $50 fee in escrow. Once the case is resolved, the losing party surrenders the $50 fee and any other payments or refunds due, and the other party receives a refund on their fee. Learn more about the arbitration process here.

Awarding medals

Service professionals and freelancers pay no fees on their StartAJob earnings, a big difference from other service/freelance websites. They earn medals which translate to more hires and better pay for completed jobs.

Permanent jobs

Employees hired for permanent jobs pay no fees for using our service.

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