Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about StartAJob. See the complete User Guide for additional details or Contact Us for further assistance.

Posting and applying for jobs on StartAJob is 100% free for both employers and employees. StartAJob collects a small percentage-based fee from employers for successfully completed jobs and hires.

Find more information on the Fees and Charges page.

You can post (and find) on StartAJob any kind of job in any type of field or profession. The following are three categories that we separate our jobs into:

  • Professional services: One-time or recurring services such as home or office repairs, plumbing and electrical work, gardening, driving and courier services, cleaning, etc.
  • Freelance work: Short-term projects for developers, designers, copywriters, marketers, etc.
  • Permanent jobs: Long-term full-time or part-time positions in any industry.

Your account information and transactions are secured by the most advanced encryption systems available.

We are fully PCI-DSS compliant. This means we adhere to strict guidelines required by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. Plus, all our servers are protected by Comodo, an international leader and innovator in online data security with more than 25 million users worldwide.

Service professionals include carpenters, remodelers, plumbers, electricians, information technology or electronics technicians, cleaners, caregivers, gardeners, drivers, couriers, pest control providers, and so on.

Many StartAJob postings highlight short-term work for independent contractors, but the site also highlights permanent jobs for professionals in these fields.

Learn more by visiting the "How It Works" pages for employers and employees.

Freelancers tend to work in technology and creative fields. They includes web, app, and software developers; project managers; graphic designers and illustrators; photographers and video producers; writers, editors, and proofreaders; marketers; etc.

Many freelancers focus solely on short-term work, but some are interested in permanent jobs, too. StartAJob showcases all kinds of opportunities for freelancers.

Learn more and get started on the how it works pages for employers and employees.

A permanent employee employee is an employee hired for full-time or part-time work. StartAJob’s permanent job listings can highlight jobs in any field.

Learn more and get started on the "how it works pages" for employers and employees.

Start by visiting the Post a Job page. Provide details about your job, including a description, skills needed, and budget. Once you have finished, you can choose to boost your post to get more attention.

Potential employees will apply and bid on jobs that interest them. You can message them to ask questions and make arrangements. When you find someone you want to work with, you award them the job and put your agreed-upon payment on deposit.

When the job is done to your satisfaction, mark the job as complete, allowing StartAJob to release your payment.

Learn more how to post a job here.

Start by going to Find a Job page and choose a category that interests you. When you see a job that looks appealing, submit a bid. The employer will review your bid and your profile, so make sure your StartAJob resume is as detailed as possible.

Don’t see any jobs in your preferred field? Check other fields to see if you can earn short-term money as a babysitter, driver, courier, etc.

The employer can message you to ask questions finalize arrangements. Once you work out the details, the employer will hire you and deposit the payment you agreed upon.

When the job is completed, the employer will release payment to your StartAJob account. You keep everything you earn—StartAJob does not take a percentage from employees but rather charges a small fee to employers.

Learn more how to find a job here.

Our payment system helps protect both employers and employees. Employers feel secure knowing their payment is held until the job is done right. Employees feel safe knowing they’ll be paid for the approved work.

In addtion, the work on your job can start only when we have your payment in escrow.

First of all, talk to your service professional or freelancers. Be clear about what might be the problem and how they can make things right. They may be able to complete the job or offer a full or partial refund.

Employers and employees usually can resolve issues on their own. If not, they can pursue arbitration.

Learn more about the arbitration process here.

Verifying your company's website protects employees by ensuring they receive accurate information about your company and enrolls your company in our affiliates program.

Learn more in the verifications guide here.

Completing a test project is completely up to you. Remember, an employer isn’t obligated to hire you even if you complete the test.

Review the employer’s profile, see how many verification steps the employer has completed, and check whether the employer has deposited funds in their StartAJob account. You can ask that the employer deposit funds into their account to demonstrate commitment to the project, but this does not guarantee they will hire you.

You earn skills by completing jobs and being awarded medals by your employers.

Learn more about earning skills here.

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