Hiring Freelancers or Permanent Employees

StartAJob lets you hire the best freelancers and permanent employees. But before you can do that, it's important to create a detailed profile.

Here’s why setting up your profile is so crucial:

  • The best freelancers/employees read client profiles before applying to a job; having a detailed profile can help you attract better candidates
  • Like you, freelancers and employees value their time, so having an outstanding company profile shows you’re serious employer.
  • Verifying your phone number, payment method, identity, and website URL increase TRUST in your business, making it more likely talented candidates will apply to your job
  • StartAJob displays your financial balance on your public profile. You can deposit funds into your account to cover any potential project expenses. Although you are not obligated, this creates a sense of financial security for candidates, shows you’re a serious employer, and motivates candidates to go the extra mile to win your job.

Fill your profile by clicking: edit-my-profile

Tips for creating a better profile:

  • Upload a professional photo or company logo by clicking Upload New Photo
  • Write a detailed description of your business by clicking Edit
  • Verify your company by uploading relevant documents.
  • Fill out your Company and website URL at:
  • Verify your payment sources at:

Post your job, by clicking: post-a-job


Enter a Job Title. eg. Need blogger with knowledge of financial industry


Write a Job Description. Include specific details about your project to attract the most qualified freelancers or permanent employees. Include details like: type of work, description of the work required, start date, duration, etc.


Upload photos/video by clicking Attach Files. Video job descriptions can help candidates get a clearer picture of your project and help them deliver better results.

When hiring permanent employees, we highly recommend uploading a short video of your company offices and a few senior executives. These recordings make a great first impression and can help you attract the best candidates to your job.

You can easily shoot and upload videos using our mobile app, available here for both Apple and Android devices.


Enter your Maximum Budget. The maximum budget is the MOST you are willing to pay a freelancer/employee.


  • Freelancers/employees can offer a price equal or less than your Maximum Budget
  • For One-Time/Freelance jobs, enter the maximum budget for the job
  • For Permanent Employees, enter the weekly/monthly salary budget

Choose a Category. eg. Creative. On the right tab, choose a sub-category. eg. Writing


Find specific skills by typing them into the Specific Skills field or scrolling through the box below. Remove skills by clicking on them in the right-hand box.

These skills reveal each candidate’s unique talents and abilities. Eg. If you’re looking for a financial blogger, select the skill Blogger under the Writing sub-category.

When you add skills to your job post, it helps remove unqualified individuals from consideration and leaves only the most qualified candidates.


  • Freelancers and permanent employees are interested in earning as many medals as they can based on their qualifications, since winning more medals results in higher ratings for them as well as gaining various bonuses and incentives from StartAJob.
  • You can award freelancers/employees skills-based medals for each completed job, so match the most accurate skills based on the job requirements.
  • Note: If the skill you require is not found in the list, you can suggest new skills by clicking Suggest new skill.

You can choose from the following Employment Types:

  • One Time Job: use this option if you’re hiring a freelancer for a one-time project.

    Eg. you need a freelance writer to create 500 word blog post. Once the project is over and you’ve paid your freelancer, the project will be closed.

  • Permanent Full Time: use this option if you want to hire an employee to work for you on a permanent, full-time basis.
  • Permanent Part-Time: use this option if you want to hire an employee to work for you on a part-time basis.
  • Permanent From Home: use this option if you want to hire an employee to work for you REMOTELY from home on a permanent full-time/part-time basis.

Note: posting permanent jobs is free, but clients must first verify their company website.


If you want candidates from a certain part of the world, click I prefer candidates from certain location(s) and select what location you want to accept bids from.


Click Post New Job.

Quick Tips:

  • Once your job is posted and approved, candidates with matching skills will be notified immediately to bid on your project.
  • Friends and family always have great recommendations. Easily share your job post on Twitter and Facebook to get their help. Just click on the social media icons on your job post under Invite. Your friends and family can easily send candidates to your job post, saving you the trouble of explaining your job requirements over and over again.
  • If you know any skilled candidates outside of StartAJob, you can easily send them a link to your job (you can find this link under Invite on your job post).
    This will save you the trouble of repeatedly explaining your job requirements and help concentrate all offers in a single place easily compare them for the best one.
  • As a special bonus, when you get new members to register on StartAJob you will earn a commission on ALL future jobs those candidates do through our platform.

Once job is approved you will start getting bids from freelancers/employees. You can start reviewing proposals, view profiles, see which candidates have the skills needed to do your job, and message them for more information. Once you've found the best candidate for the job, click Hire Worker.

  • Note: communication outside of StartAJob is NOT recommended. Our platform verifies the identities of all its users, but candidates who request off-site communication may be using false identities or running a scam. For your own safety, please keep all activities on-site.
  • StartAJob also offers a quality guarantee. That means your candidate will not be paid unless you are 100% satisfied with their work. In case of a dispute, StartAJob has an arbitration service to help resolve issues.
  • However, communication or paying outside of our platform cannot be taken into consideration during any final decisions made by arbitration. Therefore, to protect yourself always make sure to deposit all funds into our secure escrow system and NEVER pay candidates directly.

Fund your project by clicking Escrow Deposit. Escrow is a secure 3rd party system which holds your payment and releases it when needed. Enter the amount you and the winning candidate have agreed to and provide a brief description of what requirements have to be met for payment. Eg. $50 for 500 word blog post on financial industry.

In case of a dispute, StartAJob cannot protect clients if they pay freelancers/employees outside of our platform. Therefore, always pay for your project using our secure escrow system and NEVER pay workers directly.


Once the project is over, click the Release button to pay your freelancer/employee. Award Gold, Silver or Bronze skill medals depending on your employee’s performance.

These medals are based on the skills you chose when posting your job, and can be used to identify how qualified an employee is. You can also choose not to award any medals if your freelancer/employee fails to perform his or her duties.