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StartAJob is full of incredible opportunities for talented freelancers to maximize your profits.


Create a strong profile. Doing so can help you stand out and increase your chances of winning a job.

Here’s why setting up your employee/freelancer profile is so important:

  • Clients value their time: an outstanding profile shows clients you’re serious about getting hired
  • Upload a professional photo by clicking Upload New Photo
  • Write a detailed description of yourself and your experience by clicking Edit
  • Fill out your Personal Information by clicking:
  • Having a complete resume has a HUGE impact on your chances of getting hired. Since StartAJob is an international platform with jobs from all over the world, selecting a language(s) helps us notify you about new opportunities which match your spoken dialect.
  • Add your Experience, Education, Languages & Categories of Interest by clicking:

Note: Categories of Interest is one of the most important parts of your profile.
Categories of interest tells StartAJob what fields of work you’re interested in when you first sign up. We notify you for every new job posted in your field of interest.

StartAJob uses Machine Learning technology. As you complete work and earn medals, our platform learns what kinds of jobs best match your unique abilities. We then offer you jobs where you have the highest chances of winning, getting the best ratings and medals, and winning extra bonuses. This process will save you a lot of time in the future.


Click find-a-job, browse through the listings for jobs which match your skills, then choose your Category and skill (eg. Creative > Writing)

Job search tips:

  • Gold Skill icons show what skills are required for the job. When clients post a job they also select the corresponding skills required to successfully complete that job.
  • Be sure to select the skills you’re best at because after the job is over, clients will award you skills-based medals depending on your performance (Gold, Silver, Bronze, or none)
  • Collecting more medals earns you higher ratings (which increases your chances of getting hired) and special bonuses from StartAJob.
  • StartAJob hosts competitions open to all freelancers with the highest medal counts. Freelancers who take part in such competitions can win exciting prizes, like free vacations, amazing appliances, cash bonuses, and more!
  • The Looking for field shows you whether the job is permanent from office, permanent from home, or one-time.
  • Use the Search box to find jobs by keywords
  • Click Advanced Search to narrow your search by Budget, Skill, Country, Duration, and more

Click the blue job title to read the full job listing and place your bid


Apply to jobs by filling out the “Write a details or message to the employer:” box. Having a strong message to the employer increases your chances of getting hired.

Message tips:

  • Let the client know why you're the best candidate
  • Talk about your experience with similar projects
  • Outline how you would successfully complete the project
  • Upload any relevant files required to complete the job.

Note: communication outside of StartAJob is NOT recommended. Our platform verifies the identities of all its users, but employers who request off-site communication may be using false identities or running a scam. For your own safety, keep all activities on-site.

Since StartAJob charges freelancers ZERO commission fees, there’s no reason to work outside of our platform. Doing so leaves your work unprotected and makes you vulnerable to scams.


Enter your fees in the Proposed Pay box and estimated timeline in Days to Complete

Your Proposed Pay is how much money you want to be paid for a job, while Days to Complete is how long it will take you to finish the project. Make sure to provide a reasonable pay rate and deadline. You can negotiate these terms with your employer and adjust them later.


Click Submit

Quick Tips:

  • Be sure to read employer profiles to see if they’re serious about hiring. You can ask clients to verify different aspects of their profile, such as their billing method or company website. You can see an employer’s phone, website & payment verification status from these 3 icons: stat-g.png
  • If you find a project but lack the necessary skills to complete it, you can always invite skilled candidates to register on StartAJob and bid on the project by using the Invite button
  • As a special bonus, you will earn a commission on ALL future jobs that your invited friend completes on our platform.

When you are awarded a project, ask your employer to place the required funds in escrow. Escrow is a secure 3rd party system which holds the project funds and releases it after all work has been successfully completed. Using escrow guarantees you will be paid.

In case of a dispute, StartAJob has an arbitration service to help resolve issues. However, communication or payment outside of our platform cannot be taken into consideration during any final decisions made by arbitration. Therefore, to protect yourself always make sure to ask your client to deposit all funds into our secure escrow system and NEVER ask for off-site payment.


After the project has been successfully completed, take the time to provide your client feedback. Doing so helps other freelancers know what it’s like to work with a particular client, and will help them decide whether to bid on their projects in the future.

Quick Tips:

  • Be specific & honest in your review
  • Describe what you enjoyed most about the project, what was the most challenging
  • Talk about what you liked about the client & what they can improve (eg. communication) so they can try to do better in the future